About us

I am so proud to announce that my work is now available to the world.  Crocheting has been an outlet for me since I was a child allowing me to express myself in so many different creative ways. My products are 100% handmade. Each crochet piece is 1 of 1 and uniquely designed with different colors, patterns, textures and yarns. 


Prairie De Frêne —— Ash Tree Meadow 

The meaning behind my business brings personal growth, strength, uniqueness, individual beauty, balance and wisdom. We build our own happiness much in the way the Ash Tree roots provide a foundation for the tree to grow so large… connecting us all as the Ash Tree roots are deep in the earth and its branches reaching upwards to the heavens. The Ash Tree encourages us to consider the role of the past in creating the present so that we can better appreciate the new ways in which positive thoughts and actions today can help create a brighter tomorrow.

My roots run deep. Every product and every collection will showcase my passion and dedication to what I love most. 


With love, 

Ashley Jean.